In Indonesia, one of the most serious issues is the gap issue. We understand that it is important to address it and have made an effort to develop sound society with our neighboring communities since 1993. While the ways of support were changed to meet the needs and the expected effects, we will continue to support our neighboring communities together with tenants so that they can take good care of themselves by cultivating their own industry. Currently the program are : Infrastructure improvement support, Education support, Community development support


30 November -0001

Provision of School Supplies

Stationary Provision Ceremony

30 November -0001

Being in Serang City Center, Elementary School is Precisely Damaged

From the outside, SDN Sukabela in Kasemen, Serang City looks normal. But, once inside the room, the bulkhead between the 2nd and 3rd grade was a hole. The school had to close it with a used blackboard.

01 November 2017

CSR EJIP 2017 for student

CSR EJIP 2017 delivered Stationary Set to pupil Elementary School at Sukaresmi Village


11 December 2015

Build Community House (Balai Masyarakat)

Build Balai Masyarakat


12 November 2017

CSR - Organic Rubbish Shredder Machine for Cikoronjo

Initial Contribution for youth people empowerment

02 June 2018

Ramadhan Activity 2018

Ramadhan Activity 2018