Traffic Measures at Cikampek Toll Road from Mar. 12, 2018

Traffic Measures at Cikampek Toll Road from Mar. 12, 2018 26 February 2018

As reported by news media last week, BPTJ held a socialization meeting on the measures for

the ease of Cikampek Toll Road traffic congestion on February 22, 2018.    


The followings are the points of the measures:


1.       Implementation Period:                               From March 12, 2018 until the elevated project completion

2.       Implementation Time:                   Weekday from Monday to Friday 6:00a.m. -9:00a.m. for 3 hours

3.       Measures:

1)      No entry of trucks (category III, IV and V) for the whole line (Cikampek-Cawang)

2)      Restricted traffic of standard-sized cars with even-odd number plate arrangement at Beaksi Timur and Bekasi Barat (only direction for Jakarta (inbound lane))

3)      Dedicated line for bus transportations from Bekasi Timur to the direction for Jakarta

(Special bus commuter will be implemented between Bekasi Timur/Barat and Plaza Senayan)



(1) Tambun and Pondok Gede Timur may be added as points for even-odd number plate arrangement later as mentioned 2) above.

(2)  Lane allocation in connection with 3) above was made for inner 2 lanes for standard-sized cars and their outside lane(s) for logistic trucks and buses 

 Therefore, even-odd number plate arrangement is only applicable to a part of inbound lane.

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