CSR EJIP: The Students of Midori Elementary School Excited to Learn About Waste Management in EJIP

CSR EJIP: The Students of Midori Elementary School Excited to Learn About Waste Management in EJIP 16 October 2019

PT. EJIP welcomed the lovely visiters from Midori Elementary School on Wednesday, 16/10/2019. The activities started a speech from the President Director PT. East Jakarta Industrial Park, Mr. Hideyuki Terajima "We have to keep the environment clean, keep it from garbage, especially the plastic waste is very dangerous".

Students gain knowledge about the environment and the waste management. "We take care of nature, nature take care of us (Kita Jaga Alam, Alam Jaga Kita)" slogan from Mr. Nasikhun through the session at EJIP CENTER.

After the session, EJIP invites all students to take a tour to see WATEC (Water Treatment & Environment Control). There, students can see the process of industry waste water management in EJIP. Students were very enthusiastic and asked everything about what they saw. From the waste water installation location, students move to check out to compost house at EJIP. Here, students got not only the material, but also experienced the actual practice to make compost from garbage here.

Anyone from educational institutions or communities can study at Compost House at EJIP by following the procedure (making a proposal). This program is carried out for the first time as a CSR activity by EJIP to provide education focusing on compost.

 "There is no requirement, we are to serve the community and give education about the importance of cleanliness and the benefits of compost for the community," said Saidi, the Head of CSR Dept. in EJIP.

During the visit and learning, the children were accompanied by teachers and the Head of CSR Dept EJIP, Muhamad Saidi. The event ended at Compost House’s EJIP, submission of compost and crops to the SD Midori, took photos and then we all had lunch together.


01 July 2013


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外部から、Serang CityのKasemenにあるSDN Sukabelaは正常に見えます。 しかし、部屋の中に入ると、2年生と3年生の間の隔壁は穴だった。 学校は中古の黒板でそれを閉じなければならなかった。

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