Support Ecovillage, Dinas Lingkungan Hidup give awards to EJIP

Support Ecovillage, Dinas Lingkungan Hidup give awards to EJIP 13 January 2020

West Java Provincial Environment Agency (DLH Jawa Barat) develops an Ecovillage program, environmental cultured villages. Ecovillage is a movement of people in the city or village that seeks to integrate social life with all life-supporting activities that are destructive to nature. It is useful to support sustainable development which is healthy and sustainable in the future and change the mindset and behavior of people to be more concerned about the environment.

Bekasi Regency is one of the ten regions in West Java that is focused on developing the environment cultured villages. Mr. Indra Jaya as chairman of the Ecovillage District Bekasi visited the EJIP Office, on January 13, 2020. EJIP received an appreciation for the support activities of the JANGKAR (Jaringan Kerja - Networking) Ecovillage in Bekasi area. The programs contained in the Ecovillage movement action plan include the Waste Bank, Sustainable Food Home Area, Family Plants and Greening / Conservation. EJIP participated in the Jamboree program, World Clean Up Day and many more in 2019.

The Government encurage people to preserve nature. The participation from community and individuals are needed in ecovillage activities. Start small things, e.g. sorting organic and non-organic waste. Organic waste can be transformed to become compost that can be valuable for nature. The environment will be cleaner and healthier with the proper processing of waste.

"we take care of nature, nature nurtures us", This is the Motto of Ecovillage.