New Traffic Arrangement

New Traffic Arrangement 01 June 2018

Since traffic arrangement set on February 2018, traffic vehicle from Lippo to Bridge / MM2100 will enter EJIP area through Jl. Cimandiri 1 and Jl. Citanduy. 

Mostly on morning and evening time, traffic became crowded due to many vehicle from outside and inside EJIP through the same way at the same time. This causes long congestion, and tenants are facing difficulties in and out of the factory.

To overcome the problem, we re-arrange traffic engineering on Jl. MH. Thamrin. by opening direction route from Lippo to MM2100 without entering ejip area on Jun 2, 2018.

Other News

02 July 2018
Acreditation EJIP E-Lab

KAN issued ISO17025

26 February 2018
Traffic Measures at Cikampek Toll Road from Mar. 12, 2018

Traffic Congestion Ease Measures at Cikampek Toll Road from Mar. 12, 2018

19 February 2018
New Traffic Arrangement at The Intersection of EJIP Main Gate

New traffic arrangement at the intersection of EJIP Main Gate (EJIP/Delta Silicon) to reduce the traffic congestion and potential risk for traffic accident

10 October 2017
Full Operational of Connection Bridge EJIP - MM2100

Connection Road EJIP/Lippo to MM2100 will start 24 hours operation on October 2017.